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Top-Notch Floor Waxing Services in Derry, NH & surrounding areas

We get it, those once-pristine floors in your Derry, NH establishment have lost their luster. Whether it’s high-traffic wear or just the passage of time, dull floors can seriously dampen the vibe of your space. And let’s be honest, nobody enjoys stepping into a place with grimy floors—it’s bad for morale, aesthetics, and even business.

Restore Your Floors to Their Original Shine

This is where Liles Cleaners & Janitorial Services LLC steps in with our specialized floor waxing services. Forget those generic solutions that only offer short-term fixes; we dive deep with our floor stripper techniques. Our strip and wax floors service involves two key steps: stripping the old wax off your floor and then applying a fresh, high-quality coat of wax. This brings life back to your floors, making them look shiny and new. This isn’t just for residential homes, either. We’re pros at commercial floor waxing, so businesses in Derry, NH can benefit too.

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Let Us Help You Preserve Your Commercial Flooring!

Get the Shine Back With Us!

Waiting won’t solve the problem, but a call to us can. Reach out today to book an appointment. We’re not just your run-of-the-mill floor strippers; we’re a team of trained professionals committed to revitalizing your space. It’s time to put an end to the cycle of dull, worn-out floors. With our top-notch stripping and waxing floors service, your floors will be the talk of the town—or at least, they’ll look like they should be. A shiny floor is just a call away. Don’t let your floors be a drag; elevate your space and improve your life with our expert services.

Our Full Range of Services

Janitorial Service

We’re proud to offer full service janitorial work! Team up with our professionals to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Strip & Wax

Don't let dull floors put a damper on your space. We go the extra mile to make sure your floors not only look clean but actually feel revitalized.

Office Cleaning

Our office cleaning services include floor scrubbing, buffing, trash removal, and much more. Get those common areas clean!

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Commercial Cleaning

Experience a pristine space with us. Perfect for vacant homes & apartments in Derry, NH. Your cleanliness, our promise!

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Industrial Buildings

We ensure spotless industrial spaces in Derry, NH, without using harsh chemicals. Experience a new level of cleanliness!

Construction Cleaning

After a construction project, your space is left with dust and dirt. Let our experienced team handle all the post-construction cleaning!

Floor & Carpet Cleaning

Do you need help with sweeping and mopping? Our work includes comprehensive floor and carpet cleaning service.